RCF 2.4 Protect Your Workers.

Keep flaggers out of harm’s way with today’s most dependable Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD). Our AFAD is recognized as the safest alternative to human flaggers for short-term traffic control.


  • Wireless hand-held remote can be controlled from up to 200 feet away in a safe position
  • One remote controls an 800 ft work-zone with just 2 units
  • Operates for a full work week on a single charge
  • MUTCD compliant

Easy to Use

  • Highly visible traffic control that sets up in minutes
  • One person can tow, set up and operate

Safe and Cost Effective

  • Reduce number of workers on the road
  • Eliminate risk of injury or accident
  • Extend site-distance for drivers
  • Eliminate 50% of hard labor costs by only needing 1 person to control both ends of the job site.
  • Rental rates range from $15-30/hr per set 

Typical Applications for RCF 2.4

  • Temporary traffic control in high traffic residential areas
  • Tree Trimming
  • Utility Work - gas and sewer line repairs, pipeline ....
  • Emergency roadwork that requires fast deployment of traffic control solution

Automated Flaggers in Action

Save time, labor and money while protecting your onsite workers.