Long Term. Dependable. Self-Contained.

Cost effective alternative to out-dated temporary traffic control procedures. No need for digging holes, inserting poles and running power. Set-up in minutes, not days.


  • Runs autonomously, unattended, 24/7
  • Powered by 12-16 deep cycle batteries – no additional power source needed
  • Capable of running for months on batteries with proper solar charging
  • Programmable with time-of-day and day-of-week settings allowing for multiple schedules 
  • Customizable with sensors to monitor traffic or emergency vehicles
  • Stand-by generator for emergency back-up
  • Meets or exceeds MUTCD specifications

Easy to Use

  • Easy set-up with electric lift system to raise signal head
  • User-friendly, large screen controller
  • Quick and easy programming
  • GPS notifications to alert you with any problems (cell service required)

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates additional costs of running power and setting poles
  • Long-term saving in employee costs
  • Ease of use and flexibility saves time and money
  • When owned, it costs as little as $5.00 per hour to operate
  • Rent for a low as $7.50 per hour

Typical Applications for PLT2.4X



  • Bridge closures
  • Long-term road construction
  • Landslide repair
  • Year-round projects typically effected by weather



Extended Duty Temporary Traffic Signals

Your long-term temporary traffic solution.